Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Many Mistakes

“I’ve made many mistakes in my life, I must admit,” Jimmy Turner said, looking down at his hands.

“I back-talked my mama growing up, whenever she asked me to clean my room. Too many times to count. I was such a wicked child. Mama said so.

“I once stole two dollars from my papa’s wallet. I spent it all on licorice and didn’t share any of it with my friends.

“And would you believe, I threw little Katie’s kitten in a puddle when I was seven? Oh, how that kitty jumped and ran, and how Katie cried. I laughed. Katie told her granny on me, and my papa beat my bottom with his belt. That big leather belt we got him for Father’s Day. I guess I deserved it.

“At school one time I broke my friend John-John’s glasses to pieces. He never knew it was me. I wish I could apologize to him for that. But he went to heaven ten years ago this summer. He was always such a good friend.

“I remember once there was this yo-yo I wanted so bad at the drugstore. It sparkled inside when it spinned around. So pretty. I took it and didn’t pay for it, I admit that. I should have paid for it.

“So many mistakes, so much to be sorry for in life. So sad, so sad.

“And oh, I also strangled nine women. Nine women, with my hands. I did.”

Jimmy paused, and looked up.

“I feel much better now. Go ahead and get this over with.”

The prison superintendent nodded over to a white-clad man.

And so, with witnesses looking on in silence, Jimmy Turner received the sweet toxin into his bloodstream and slipped away into a well-earned sleep.

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Todd said...

NOTE: One should not imply from the line "well-earned sleep" that I personally agree with the practice of capital punishment. I agree with the Catholic Church's teaching that capital punishment should not be used when the protection of human lives from the offender can be reasonably ensured without it.

"well-earned sleep" is meant to be ironic, and from Jimmy's viewpoint, that because of his "many mistakes" he feels that he deserves to die.