Monday, September 12, 2011

Out along the silver-stream

Out along the silver-stream
of rippling current crystal gleam,
water-grasses stand and sway
dancing in the light of day
to notes of trickling music-fair
amid the shimmer-sparkled air ~
where trees splay their finger-leaves
shaking them over shady-eaves ~
robins swell red-flush breasts
with task at hand to weave their nests
poised among the branches-high
waving between earth and sky ~
somewhere creatures of fur and pelt,
dressed in their coats of finest-felt
as befits every noble forest-beast,
with bright-eyes search for goodly-feast ~

1 comment:

Theron said...

Good stuff. I am glad you are doing this. I have posted about you, and hope to send you a couple visitors.

Make sure you post the poem about the deer by the side of the road.