Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Star Child [Chapter One]

The star child descended at twilight
upon the serene and lonely mound
which of old had brooded there, and light
crowned that place without a sound.

Two cousins, who ventured out
to gather sticks for evening fire,
beheld the glow and gave a shout
then stumbled there with one desire:

To find the cause of light so fair
upon the hilltop shining there.

Elaina and Johan arriving thence
were of a sudden moved with fear
at the light that, pulsing, made them wince
but strangely beckoned and drew them near.

Each shielding eyes with quaking hand
and moving close, they discerned within
the blue translucent burning-brand
a figure small and white and thin.

A child it was, with tender face
yet illumined with an ancient grace.

“Be not alarmed, my little dears,”
said he with lilting music-voice,
“draw close and lay aside your fears,
you are the company of my choice.

“Come near and receive the gift that I
have come to bring to you this night.”
And with gentleness they could not defy,
he motioned them close with hand so slight.

Then close they crept, stooping low
to receive what they did not know.

The Star Child [Chapter Two]

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