Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tears into Joy

Tears contained within the eyes
are reserved for moments such as these ~
The heavings of a hundred sighs
are held inside for this fitting time ~
The placing of the hands over the face
alone and in silence, is meant
for such grave matters, for such resounding grief ~
The arching of the shoulders, down
in solemn manner, is shown
when heavy and weary seasons come ~

And come they do, but not often,
maybe once in a life, in a slow tide
steady and rolling, quiet and deepening
dark and oppressive, then crashing and drowning ~
O in the waters rising, no sound, no light!
O in the silence and darkness, how breathing falters!

Yet behold above, a Hope, a single Star gleaming
faintly noticed, and yet growing brighter
filling the sky, and bringing Music!
O Brilliant Song of Deepest Hopes Fulfilled!
Darkness has not conquered,
nor deafening silence prevailed!

O Trustful Patience, through you Light and Joy return!
The hands from face are lifted, and the tears glisten
in eyes opening, gazing upward
enchanted by tidings unforeseen!
With sighs of Love, the body arises
strong with Hope emerging anew!
O tears of Gladness, flow you sweetly
and with serenity fill the World!

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