Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 2012: A Month of New Poems

On February 1st, I began writing and posting a newly crafted poem here every day. I found this to be a very fruitful exercise and many of the resulting works are now among my personal favorites. I have also gotten into the habit of writing daily, which was one of the main objectives of this project.

Now that I have reached the end of the month, I have decided to pull back from the self-imposed expectation of posting a new poem every day in order to focus on some other writing endeavors, one of which is my other blog: The Catholic Sojourner.

I will continue to post works, both old and new, here at Poems and Vignettes every few days, and will probably conduct another "A Poem a Day" project in the near future.

Find all 29 of this month's new poems here.

Thanks for reading!

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