Wednesday, February 15, 2012

XV: An abrupt arrival of adventure

A stream-of-consciousness alliterative experiment.
An abrupt arrival of adventure
brings bands of battling brigands,
who conspire to conquer courageous comrades
and to deal out a dim and dusty death.

Their efforts are ever eager and efficient,
fueled by a frothing and furious fate,
and although we are garbed by garish goodness
and hear heavenly horns of hope,
they, in their injustice, insist on inflicting injury
from the jury of jeers they have joined.

We must kindle our kindred in kind,
with the love that lingers in the lives of the loyal,
while our moon moves through many mists,
navigating the nebulous night of need.

O! the outrageous offensive offspring
of the putrid and poisonous perfume of pride
that quells the quick-quivering quill
and reduces regal responses to rubbish.

See! the sly scintillating snake is stamping
tickets to take travelers to a terrifying toil,
and urging them unbridled to an ugly underworld
where vixen vultures full of venom
wield wild and wicked witchery
like some xenophobic Xerxes
yearning to yellow the yield of the youthful,
full of zest in the zenith of their zeal.

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