Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kirby finally succumbs and visits a psychiatrist

Taking a deep breath, Kirby began to describe to the doctor
all of the intense anxieties he had been having lately:
"I was peeling an orange to eat and discovered that
underneath the rind it was actually a green apple
with flesh that was soft, like uncooked dough.
Inside the core, instead of seeds, there were little
golden badger teeth which fell off onto the floor
and wriggled around like fly-larvae until they found
the crevices in the hardwood. Soon, budding red
leaf-shoots grew up out of the floor and filled
the kitchen with pretty orange and purple pansies
as big as my face. The flowers opened gloomy eyes
and requested a late breakfast of fresh chicken-hearts.
I opened the refrigerator door, startling an old badger
who was eating oranges and looking for his teeth. I turned
around and saw that the hungry flower-faces were now framed
with hair and beards of yellow flames which danced wildly
in the winds stirred up by all of the mouse-mosquitoes flying in
through the kitchen window. I grabbed a fly-swatter and..."
"Okay Kirby, I think I've heard enough," Dr. Hutchens said mildly.
"I'm going to call in a prescription for you that will help with all this."
That was what he said anyway. What Kirby took away, though, was
that the good doctor was going to send out an exterminator that day.

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