Monday, June 4, 2012

100th posted piece: William Vintnerose

Gentle William Vintnerose
can fill a journal with brilliant prose
describing how a live oak grows
from acorn to ancient tree.

He can also approach grazing does,
as quiet as a breeze he goes,
and pets them each upon the nose
as they nuzzle him tenderly.

In those fields, he feeds the crows
little morsels of bread he throws.
Each one of their names he knows
and he calls to them all with glee.

He can often be seen out in the rows
of growing corn in an outstretched pose
surrounded by his favorite crows,
a happy scarecrow effigy.

And at night whenever a full moon glows,
William can be found in serene repose
underneath the old live oak that grows
in the middle of a cornstalk sea.

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