Friday, June 1, 2012

Uncharted Melancholia

A country lies hidden beyond the sea
where mists shroud shores perpetually,
and trees are ever in autumn bloom,
casting deep shadows of golden gloom.
The silver rivulets warble and weave
through woodland halls that serenely grieve
the advent of a somber and lonely bliss
that replaced the vibrant life they miss.
The traveller gets lost there without a map
and reclines in exhaustion for a needed nap.
While sleeping the years slip swiftly away
and he awakens as someone ancient and grey.
Golden leaves tremble above his eyes
and no one hears his contented sighs.


Anonymous said...

this poem is so nice :)
You should make more poems like this.
Is this your original post?
Can I use this poem for my blog? Don't worry i'll promise to credit you :) thanks

Todd said...

sure, just post a link back here

What did you find nice about this piece? the rhyme, the imagery? I have several along these lines, write back I'll point them out - thanks for your comments