Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Cautionary Tale

It was purposely and without remorse,
and with the aid of a reluctant horse,
that all the children out in the yard
pushed on the Old Wall very hard
until it toppled over with a crash.

Then Oliver, who was always brash,
surmounted in glee the pile of rubble
and said at last it would be no trouble
for them to come and go as they please,
they could even walk out among the trees
that surrounded the village on every side,
beyond the wall they had all decried.

But dusk was falling and light grew dim,
so Oliver, smiling, said unto them:
"Now off to bed - I will show you tomorrow
that being closed-in has been our only sorrow."
So each to their pillows and blankets withdrew
and dreamed of a world so wide and so new.

But in the night, the werewolves crept
from the forest and devoured them as they slept.

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