Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Carathor uth Benethan

[Devoutly staring at the Sun]

Translation of words found carved on the hermitage wall of the heretical "prophet" Al-Pheraezin the Blind [d. 1087 A.D.] Revered as a sacred text by his devotees "the Solarists" until the demise of their sect in the early 16th century. The source of their central mantra: "Cara. Cara. Utha Cara" ["The Light. The Light. The Light is All"]. Solemnly intoned during their initiation ritual "Ul-Carathul" or "Burning Wisdom" wherein new inductees sacrificed their visual faculties to attain to an alleged spiritual "enlightenment." Their territory in Northern Azerbaijan was easily vanquished in 1502 by the marauding Qizilbash army due to the blindness they all held in common.

The Sun. Luminescent lotus of the heavens.
A piercing revelation. In full bloom.
Receptive eyes held open to see.
The golden searching searing Light.
Magnificent and radiant fire.
Resplendent auras. Angel-glories.
Wings of light caressing the soul.
The flowing waters of joy. The martyr-pain.
The Light. The Light. The Light is All.
Ecstatic awareness. Steady attentiveness.
The reception of the All in All.
The deep and serene and abiding Peace.
Illumination fading. Shadows growing.
Dark eclipsing of the rapturous vision.
Bright and holy Wisdom received. The Sun.

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