Friday, December 7, 2012

Fragile Flight

Blissfully wandering,
drifting and driven,
a butterfly.
Hopelessly homeless,
unbridled, insisting
on flying high.
A carefree kaleidoscope
flutter-dance striving
to touch the sky.

Hey, you - I forgot I'd forgotten you.

Threatening, ominous
brooding, insidious,
a thundercloud.
Hooded night-monster,
devious accoster
tall, dark and proud.
Bloated and burgeoning,
casting off raindrops
to the ground.

Hey, you - I forgot I'd forgotten you.

Sunlight returning,
golden eye burning
up in the sky.
Glittering in gladness,
the world is a pageant
of colors bright.
But in the grass is that a flower
all broken and battered?
No, it's a butterfly!

Hey, you - I forgot I'd forgotten you.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

In the failing light of autumn

The sweet scent of dying
leaves. The wind has sifted
through them all: the shriveled
ashen brittle papers, the dusty
wisps of withered parchments,
blown and scattered, caressed
and battered, by the frigid sighs
of grieving, in the failing light
of autumn, lost in shadows
and tomorrow forgotten.