Monday, October 7, 2013

Rats and Hogs

From "Songs for Children"
It's raining rats and hogs out there,
rodents and swine, falling everywhere.
See them scurrying on hundreds of feet,
scurrying scurrying down the street,
squeaking and squealing, an awful noise!
chasing around little girls and boys
who wanted to play outside in the storm,
instead of inside where it's dry and warm.
But running from rodents is such fearful play,
and sprinting from swine makes a rotten day.
They'd trample and bite you, and make you wet;
not one of them would make you a friendly pet.
See all their teeth, and their flashing eyes;
you'll stay here inside, if you are wise.
For it's raining rats and hogs out there,
you wouldn't go out, you wouldn't dare!

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