Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Last Date

Journal entry of Richard Edwards: November 15th, 1963.
Her smile was like a weak cup of coffee.
I looked out the window.
Leaves were fulfilling their autumn vows
and fleeing away,
far from scolding fingertips.
The sun was falling asleep,
to dream of moon and stars
and blinking neon.
The town was settled among the hills
and railroad tracks of yesterday.
Colors were fading from the photograph,
having been left in the sun too long.
She was saying something I cannot recall.
I smiled.
She looked out the window.
Night had crept from the shadows
and embraced the world.
But blue neon bathed the parking lot.
She asked if I was finished.
I drank the last of my coffee
and, hand in hand, we departed.

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