Thursday, March 19, 2015

A fragrant minstrelsy

The starlight pierced the soundless sky
before the sun laid down its head,
beyond the hillocks burning red
with bands of small birds passing by.

A fragrant minstrelsy was hung
on winds blown from a distant land
where turquoise waves sift diamond sand,
where all is fair and ever-young.

Where apple-blossoms in the sun
are stirred by every gentle breeze,
by music in the blooming trees,
by ancient arias just begun.

And with the sun now gone to sleep
and dreaming of another day,
the world in shadow fades away
as stars their quiet vigils keep.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful. This is why I like poetry. This is a painting of an orchard embraced by soundless starlight-fall, hushing its buzzing thrill with glowing twilight of sky’s dome. What a beautiful description. I love each line and each image that comes to mind as I read. You must be musical because you have a natural rhythm and wholeness in your writing (using image, sound, light, form, and the olfactory emotions- enticing all the senses of the reader).

MT M said...

thank you Ina for your beautiful comments -