Thursday, April 2, 2015

The wind is fierce

[From: “The Last Journal of Gwyllyn”]

The wind is fierce in my thoughts today
sifting the thistles and tangled weeds,
scattering dry leaves and maple seeds,
and sweeping withered flowers away.

The air is fragrant with unseen rose,
with marigold, alyssum, and juniper,
honeysuckle, phlox, and lavender,
mingling as the morning glows.

Light is bright on the tender frond
and dew is lingering in the sun;
some new splendor has begun
with fierce wind blowing from beyond.


Anonymous said...

I love it! I too have a poem about the Storm (more like a tornado, mine is) but I love your fragrances brushing against my face and the wind clearing the withered and weak remnants to give space for regrowth.

Todd said...

I'm glad you loved this one - sometimes one feels a new wind coming on..
I'm going to check out more poems on your blog when I get a chance - keep writing! :)