Thursday, February 23, 2012

XXIII: The Star Child [Chapter Two]

I recommend reading Chapter One before reading this piece.

The child's hands were empty, so they
looked to his face where they saw
deep sorrow brimming his eyes of grey
but great wisdom too, and they knelt in awe.

With a smile of kindness, he bid them rise:
“I am not Divine, though I dwell on high;
I am simply a Watcher from the Outer Skies,
who at unexpected times draws nigh.

He then stretched out a fragile hand
and gave them light to understand.

They saw that he had, on many occasions
in the course of the history of the Earth,
appeared to people in diverse situations
and offered them a gift of singular worth:

Namely, that each one greeted thus by him
would be asked to utter a single wish;
and whether that utterance be good or grim,
fair-minded or foul, wise or foolish,

it would be fully granted just the same,
the foremost desire of their heart to claim.

"It is true, I am granting you each one request,
by my powers which soon will be unfurled,
for what you judge the wisest and best
for yourselves and for your weary world.”

At this, the children, with their eyes alight,
were rapt with joy, their hearts were thrilled
and upon their faces, smiles bloomed bright
knowing one wish of theirs would be fulfilled.

And so Elaina and Johan each bethought
of what one thing they most have sought.

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